Sharing Life

Sharing Life

This book shows us another face of Africa. It tells a story of solidarity, about peoples’ commitment to the weak and the vulnerable and how life mysteriously flows from those who are weak and in need. The book takes the reader through the phases of development of Saint Martin CSA towards promoting this solidarity.  



This book is a collection of 7 stories of discovery. The book narrates how people with physical and intellectual disabilities have touched and transformed many lives. Through the life-changing experiences in this book, the reader will be drawn to a new awareness of people with disabilities and what they can become for us if we open our hearts and eyes, to see them in a different light. 

Beloved Alternative Final Copy 
Always with you cover 2 

Always with you

After 20 years in Kenya, and assisting in the foundation of St. Martin, Talitha Kum, and L’Arche Kenya, Fr Gabriele finally agreed to write a book. Always with you is his song of gratitude, written for the people of Nyahururu, Kenya.

This book witnesses in an extraordinary way how God’s love is manifested in those we least expect. The book exhibits the discovery of hidden treasures in the people around us.


 Dear ...

This book is a collection of experiences drawn from various people who love education to the level of challenging it. The authors chose to present the experiences in the form of letters. The letters aim at advocating for change in our education system and practices in Kenya.

"In this book, we are taking a side, the side of the weak, the side of students who mistakenly think that failing an exam means failing in life, the side of parents who oppose educating the mind at the expense of the heart, the side of teachers who want students to be more important than their scores and the side of anyone who cherishes education enough to challenge it." An extract from the introduction of the book.


Who loves me?

This book is a collection of reflections by Betania Spiritual Formation team of Saint Martin CSA. The reflections are based on two famous parables from the gospel of Luke, the parable of the Good Samaritan and that of the prodigal son.

In the two Gospels, Jesus reveals the true image of our Father. It's an image of a God who wishes to live in communion with us and to convince us that we are his beloved children. But every time we leave the house of our Father, we encounter robbers that take away everything that we inherited from him. On our road from Jerusalem to Jericho, we are stripped of all the glory and we are left half dead by the roadside. From the preface by Rt. Rev. Bishop Luigi Paiaro of the Catholic Diocese of Nyahururu.


Talitha Kumi

This book talks of the gospel of Talitha Kum (Mark 5: 21-43) which is indeed a gospel about each and every one of us. Jesus gives back life to a woman who had bled for 12 years and to Jairus' daughter who had died at the age of 12 years.

The same way Talitha Kum children's Home gives life to children who have lived a life of agony, hatred and rejection. In the process of helping these children rediscover the fullness of life, staff, volunteers, friends of the home and the community find happiness and are eventually transformed.


Becoming Friends

This book is adapted from a retreat preached by Jean Vanier to the community of Saint Martin in Nyahururu and a symposium which was held in Tangaza College. Jean Vanier is the founder of L'Arche Communities where people with and without mental disabilities live together in an atmosphere of friendship and trust. This is the model that our community of Effatha Home follows.

In this book, Jean Vanier reflects on the central point that the weak and wounded people occupy in society and how they can be a sign of hope to the rest of the community. He invites everyone to make a step towards becoming Friends with Jesus, not only Jesus who lives in heaven but one who is present in our brothers and sisters.


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