In 2019, Ben suffered a serious injury after falling from a moving vehicle while working as a 'matatu' tout and 'beba'. Given his worsening condition, he urgently required the services of a specialist psychiatrist who could only be found in Nakuru at the time. However, he could not afford the treatment costs, and therefore programme had to step in to facilitate his medical care. While the treatment proved effective, it came at a high cost, with monthly medication expenses exceeding Kes.12,000/- compared to the average monthly income of Kes.14,000/- for people in the informal sector in Kenya.

Although Ben's condition has improved significantly, he still requires long-term medication to manage his condition. The program realized that continuing to foot the bill for his expensive treatment was not sustainable. As a result, in February 2023, the program helped Ben pay for NHIF premiums, which would allow him to access outpatient treatment at a lower cost. Ben was advised to choose Catholic Dispensary Nyahururu strategically since he could reliably access the required medication there

Our reach in 2022

In 2022 we….

  • Trained 113 Volunteers, 39 youth leaders, 35 chiefs, 33 village elders, 21 recoverees, 86 people with mental illness & their significant others 
  • Created awareness to approx 15,000 people in community gatherings, welfare groups, chiefs baraza etc
  • Offered counseling to 319 people, residential rehabilitation to 10 peopleintensive outpatient rehabilitation 26 people
  • Support to access psychiatric treatment through payment of consultation fees and purchase of medicine to 136 people, payment of NHIF premiums to 12 people