Owing to the high number of people already affected by drug abuse and mental illness who cannot access rehabilitation and treatment services. The project identifies the most vulnerable clients for support to access rehabilitation and medical treatment services. The objective of these support services is to restore the dignity and functionality of those people who cannot independently or with the help of relatives access the retreatment and rehabilitation services. This includes partial payment for psychiatric assessment, inpatient psychiatric treatment and residential drug rehabilitation. Furthermore, the programme implements a community based mental health programme where clients shall be offered outpatient addiction counseling, Intensive Outpatient Rehabilitation, peer support groups etc. 

Our reach in 2022

In 2022 we….

  • Trained 113 Volunteers, 39 youth leaders, 35 chiefs, 33 village elders, 21 recoverees, 86 people with mental illness & their significant others 
  • Created awareness to approx 15,000 people in community gatherings, welfare groups, chiefs baraza etc
  • Offered counseling to 319 people, residential rehabilitation to 10 peopleintensive outpatient rehabilitation 26 people
  • Support to access psychiatric treatment through payment of consultation fees and purchase of medicine to 136 people, payment of NHIF premiums to 12 people