People affected by drug abuse and mental illness struggle with various life challenges that puts pressure on the mental wellbeing. This is not limited only to those who are directly affected but also the significant others and other members of the family. The programme therefore adopted a household approach in offering counseling services including family therapy to ensure psychological wellness of the entire family. These services are offered under the auspices of the community counseling centre where the programme mobilizes counselors from the community who in turn offer free services to clients using St. Martin facilities.

Our reach in 2022

In 2022 we….

  • Trained 113 Volunteers, 39 youth leaders, 35 chiefs, 33 village elders, 21 recoverees, 86 people with mental illness & their significant others 
  • Created awareness to approx 15,000 people in community gatherings, welfare groups, chiefs baraza etc
  • Offered counseling to 319 people, residential rehabilitation to 10 peopleintensive outpatient rehabilitation 26 people
  • Support to access psychiatric treatment through payment of consultation fees and purchase of medicine to 136 people, payment of NHIF premiums to 12 people