Peter's condition worsened and he was in and out of hospital. Batista started losing customers to other businesses on one hand, and medical bills sank deep into his pockets. Eventually he closed down his booming butchery business. He started borrowing money from family and friends to cater for Peter’s health needs. The borrowing became too much to a point where his family could not help any more. His children were constantly sent out of school due to school fees and he sold most of his productive assets to cope. His son was enrolled in St. Martin Community Programme for Mental health for support. He was referred to a psychiatric doctor and put on treatment and followed up by community mental health volunteers. With the right quality of treatment and care, Peter's mental health stabilized. 

The project supported Batista to restart afresh albeit small by selling soup and meat chops. We supported him with cash to buy accessories to make soup, a meat mincer hand machine to make Samosa and utensils. As an entrepreneur in the meat business, his business picked up quickly. Within two months, he had expanded his business and was hopeful for a bright future. “I will be able to take my son through initiation (rite of passage) and take him to high school next year thanks to this business you supported me to start” Batista said.  Batista’s story of misery has changed to a story of triumph. He is now able to afford to take his son to the clinic and purchase the right medication.

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