In 2021, Khadija was engaged by a lady friend from her community in selling perfume and miraa (Khat). She acquired some knowledge and skills in business and through this she started selling Khat with a capital of Ksh. 1,000/-. This source of livelihood generates very little to meet her households budget besides 1 meal per day. One of her son aged 6 has not yet joined school and another one dropped after completing primary education.

After an extensive assessment process Khadija said that she would like to expand the kiosk in a bus terminus and target travelers with soft drinks and confectionaries. The project supported her to rent a business premises, renovate and stock it. The business progressed on well for some time until it got to a cold season in the month of July and she could not sell most of her products. Although she had most of the stock and on several occasions restocked on the fast moving products her daily sales dropped to barely Kenya shillings 150 per day from an average of 400.

After months of struggle she identified an opportunity of hawking innerwear clothes and socks to passengers and going out to other urban centres during market days. The project financed her to diversify to this source of revenue. She said with these products she could sell in all seasons and be able to meet her needs.

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