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Out of all the things I have lost, I miss my mind the most. (Mark Twain)


 The Situation

The Solution

  • 1.9 million depression cases were reported in Kenya in 2015.
  • 40& of patients admitted to Kenyan Health Facilities suffer from mental disorders.
  • There are 2 psychiatric doctors in Laikipia County Referral Hospital serving a population of 525,000. 
  • Only 29 out of 284 Level 4 Hospitals in Kenya offer mental healthcare services.
  • It costs 3500 Kshs. daily to maintain one inpatient at Mathari National and Teaching Referral Hospital, Kenya’s foremost mental health facility.



St. Martin has developed a Community Based Health Care Model project running from April 2020 through to March 2025; this project aims to empower communities within St. Martin's areas of operation to care for their mentally afflicted. The project is based on a 2015 mental health baseline survey, and a 2 year Community-Based Mental Health Care Pilot project and builds on 20 years of experience in working with communities.


  1. To encourage prevention by empowering communities to detect, mitigate, and manage early symptoms of mental illness.
  2. To overcome stigma by positively influencing the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of family and community members towards mental illness and people suffering from mental illness.
  3. To empower volunteers and engage key stakeholders to implement community-based Mental Health Initiatives that promote the recovery and independence of people who have a mental illness.
  4. To promote access to mental health services within WHO dimensions.

The Initiative

In 2019, the community started a 3-year fundraising initiative and was able to raise KES 1.1 million. For this year, the Local Fundraising Committee for a Community-Based Mental Health Care System set the target to KES 2.5 million. This target will be the contribution of the community to the overall budget and will allow serving even more mentally afflicted persons.

Costs per patien KSH
 Clinical Care (hospital visit, medication etc.)  16,000
Training of a volunteer to follow patients  9,500
Training of a caregiver or relative of a patient  6,500
Training of a patient in self-care and daily tasks  6,500
Business starter kit or farm inputs for a patient 28,000
Rehabilitation for drug-induced mental illness 124,000


You can contribute by 


Buying raffle tickets - or donate a prize

Participating at our Luncheon
on 5th December 2020, 2 pm in the St. Martin Hall

Becoming a sponsor for a mental health patient

By contributing any amount through MPESA or
through the collection tins in selected supermarkets



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