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In 2019, we were retracing our roots in the spirit of gratitude and openness. From the month of August, we've been going around the villages in our 11 zones of operation appreciating all people who have supported us and have been a strong pillar to the vulnerable amongst us. From the volunteer supporting an orphaned and needy child to that community member who gave his/her all to support a drug abuse recoveree; from the religious leader and local administrator who gave our volunteers a platform to sensitize and mobilize the community to the beneficiaries who allowed us to be transformed by their lives; from the youths who volunteer their time to serve the children in our rescue centres to the Nyahururu market traders, friends and institutions that have visited and supported the rescued children; from our staff who diligently served our beneficiaries to our associates and partners who believed and invested in the cause.

Asanteni sana for being part of the journey. Asante sana for the resources you have continued to donate towards our mental health project or other projects. Our 20th anniversary would not have been a success without your presence and generous contribution. Continue being part of us in our quest to create a just society where communities uphold the dignity of all.

From the programme:

  • Procession through Nyahururu
  • Holy Mass
  • 20th Anniversary Torch
  • Sharing with Francis Muiruri, a beneficiary of the Mental Health Project
  •  Presentations of Talitha Kumi, L'Arche Kenya, the centres and the staff of St. Martin CSA
  • Speeches of Mariano Del Ponte, Irene Wamithi
  • Keynote Address from Lady Justice Teresia Matheka
  • Cake Cutting

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