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This day was celebrated on June 26  in the St. Martin CSA hall together with other stakeholders including Nyahururu town business community, St Martin CSA, Recovery Trails Treatment Center, New KCC, Spears Supermarket, Laikipia University, Nyahururu Water and Sanitation Company, individual of goodwill and other members of the community. The day’s activities ranged from a thematic walk around Nyahururu town flagged off by the Nyahururu Sub County Deputy County Commissioner that reached over 1000 people; and an interactive session and entertainment in the St. Martin CSA Hall. Recovering addicts and their families shared experiences of their recovery journey. Speakers of the day emphasized the need to support people struggling with drugs and addiction. The Community Programme for Addiction coordinator summed up the day with a call to the various categories of people present:

Students and young people: Avoid drugs and if you get into them seek help!
Parents: Know your children!
Teachers: Those in drugs needs help, not punishments!
Government: Combat drug supply!

The day is observed internationally as an expression of the United Nations determination to strengthen action and cooperation to achieve the goal of an international society free of drug abuse.