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 This was the 8th time that the Directorate of Disability Services of Kenyatta University had organized a Disability Awareness Day on its grounds in Nairobi. During the event, the programme was represented by a CPPD rehabilitation worker and a community volunteer from Maina Village.

CPPD exhibited among other things, assistive devices for people with disabilities that are made using the Applied Paper Technology (APT). The technology involves the use of papers usually cartons to construct highly customized sitting or walking aids for children with movement disorders. After taking precise measurements, CPPD rehabilitation workers construct a special device that helps the beneficiary to train the muscles and tendons needed to correct the disorder. To build these devices, several layers of cardboard paper are pressed together then cut into the desired shapes which are glued together to sturdy and lightweight pieces. The pieces are then joined into the desired device appropriate for a specific child depending on the condition. Parents are trained on how to use the device with their children before they are issued with the item. This technology is affordable, easy to construct, light allows for individual treatment, and can be used in remote areas.

The stand of St. Martin CSA drew special interest, from other exhibitors, participants and invited guests as evidenced by the interaction with Hon. Dr Isaac Mwaura, C.B.S M.P, a former M.P and currently a nominated senator representing the people with disabilities in the Senate.

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