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The program targeted diverse groups who  included schoolgirls (referred to as "ambassadresses"), men advocating for change ("champions"), religious leaders, law enforcement personnel, nurses, community health volunteers, women's collectives, and community facilitators (volunteers).

The program, which has generated significant positive change within the community, utilized various methods, such as building capacity, providing psychological counseling for survivors of violence, organizing workshops for stakeholders, fostering partnerships, and facilitating empowerment efforts.

The community facilitators received intense capacity-building sessions throughout the project timeline . They were trained in matters related to gender-based violence (causes, consequences, interventions, and responses), foundational counseling skills and advocacy.

As the project concluded last month, the program commissioned 60 community facilitators who are on the frontline in combatting gender-based violence within the region. The vibrant event, held at the Karandi Worldwide Gospel Church, was honored by the presence of Reverend Joel Mwangi, the community, as well Saint Martin CSA  staff members. The occasion also served as a platform for gaining insights on how to navigate the complexities of collaborating with families, survivors, and stakeholders to address gender-based violence.

The commissioning ceremony provided the community facilitators with the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge and skills they gained during the capacity-building sessions which ensures the lasting impact of the interventions. Additionally, the event prompted the organization to reflect on how diverse cultural influences intersect with issues of gender-based violence. The program extends its heartfelt appreciation to Smart Peace for generously funding this transformative project.