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Following the successful local fundraising initiative that was conducted in 2020 (raised Kes. 3.3M), the organization embarked on the implementation of the planned activities.


The following contains some lessons learnt from our activities so far:. 

  1. Mental Health Care can be managed with adequate financial resources, adherence, support and care
  2. Community Volunteers are key in implementing the Community-Based Mental Health Model
  3. A holistic approach is needed as mental health is often combined with addiction issues or other health conditions
  4. Partnership with Government and other stakeholders is vital to achieving the sustainability of interven????ons
  5. Preven????on is important as a means of dealing with the root causes of mental illness
  6. Economic empowerment of people living with mental illness is an important tool to work towards their recovery
  7. (7) Working with support groups of people with mental illness and their caregivers and relatives helps to advance adherence and provide psychosocial support for those afflicted and their families
  8. A special rescue intervention is needed for cases where the relatives cannot be traced immediately
  9. The immediate period after treatment of mental illness is crucial in ensuring sustainable recovery

You can contribute by

  • Buying raffle tickets
  • Participating at our Luncheon on 4th December 2021, 2 pm in the St. Mar????n Hall
  • Becoming a sponsor for a mental health patient

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Be part o this initiative and join us on 4th December! Or follow the event on Facebook!


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Account No: Mental Health


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