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Working amidst vulnerable groups of people in Nyandarua and Laikipia district in Kenya, St. Martin Catholic Social Apostolate developed a unique approach: ‘only through community’. Rather than assisting vulnerable groups directly , the organisation initiated a movement in the community of hundreds of volunteers, who feel inspired to give a hand to people in their neighbourhood, who face major challenges in life: Street Children, People with disabilities, people infected and affected with HIV/AIDS, survivors of violence and human rights violations.

It is the organisations conviction that each community has the capacity to address the problems among its members. What is needed though is to facilitate a process of sharing. Therefore St. Martin CSA actively promotes values as love and solidarity and appeals to communities of all faiths to put their faith into practice. Volunteers, who are touched by this message, are equipped with motivation and with technical skills to make tangible changes in the lives of others.  Volunteers in St. Martin CSA find a lot of contentment in working for the benefit of others. All seem to agree that they actually receive more than what they give.

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