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The Marleen Project  

 In 2002, a young Dutch volunteer, Marleen Bannink joined St. Martin- CSA and was attached to the Community Programme for Street and Needy Children where she served with love and humility. To everyone’s immense grief she died in a tragic car accident on the 28th of May 2002. In her honour the newly started income generating project for the beneficiaries of St. Martin CSA was named after her, ‘ The Marleen Project.’

Case study Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth, 31 years old, is seated at a large wooden table in the leather workshop.
She has physical disabilities and is living with HIV/AIDS. Today she is concentrating on creating a colourful wallet out of suede. However when you look closer you will see that she is making something more beautiful than the wallet. She is working on a better future for her self and her two children.

St. Martin-CSA has several local fundraising strategies geared towards sustainability of its activities. One of these activities is the Marleen Project. The Marleen project involves a leather workshop, a woodcarving workshop and a Curioshop.
In the two workshops beneficiaries of St. Martin-CSA selected from the different community programmes are trained to become artisans.
Through this activity they have an opportunity to create a better future for themselves and their families.

The woodcarving trainees acquire the skills to create modern wooden sculptures and those in the leather workshop learn how to work with different types of leather. After completing the training some of them leave the workshop and enter the job market as employees or as independent workers. Some remain in the Marleen project to meet the demands of the Curioshop.

Case study Meet Lazarus

Lazarus is a 23 years old and living with a physical disability. Through the Marleen Project he has been transformed from a dependant person to a proud man. His developed talent enabled him buy land where he can now grow his crops and keep his cows. Despite his disability he is now able to sustain himself, his wife and new-born child.

Currently, most of the customers are people who visit St. Martin-CSA. Other products are exported on a small scale through partner organisations in Italy and the Netherlands.The organisation is strategising to target a larger market by opening a shop for the general public and tourists in the near future. The shop will not only sell artefacts but also present other realities in Africa and the work done by the organisation.

The items sold in the Curioshop do not only support the artisans but also support St. Martin-CSA at large. Materials and products are all bought in Kenya, in particular the project tries to empower as much as possible the local market around Nyahururu. The items can be bought as you visit St. Martin-CSA but they can also be ordered by simply contacting us. To have an idea of the items please click here to go to the catalogue.

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