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The Gospel of Martin: “The Stranger Jesus”

Martin was born dumb and therefore could not share his beautiful gospel but his father did it for him. One day I went to visit a friend of mine who was hosting some visitors in his place and on arriving I found out that the visitors were from L'Arche Kenya and lived in a community of people with and without mental disabilities sharing life together in a community of love, friendship and trust. I was very touched by how these people were able to celebrate life and had no worries. My perception of disabilities was completely changed and was eager to share life with them in a deeper way. A few months later a member of Saint Martin community came to our church and shared about a boy who was found in the streets of Nyahururu town and rescued by a street youth. This youth took the young boy for rescue in Saint Martin offices where he was given temporary accommodation in one of the centers. The social worker narrated the predicament facing this boy and asked for anyone who felt called to share life with Martin. I felt a great urge to foster Martin but didn't express my intention then before sharing with the rest of my family. Upon consulting my wife and children, they gladly accepted that Martin could come and join our family and immediately I consulted the Saint Martin to forge a way forward. After the normal procedure for fostering, Martin was finally welcomed in our family. Martin brought a lot of life to our family. From the very beginning, we considered him as a gift from God. Martin has been a great source of blessings not only in the family but in the entire neighborhood. The Christian community accepted him as one of them and they help in making sure that he has what he needs. Martin has been a source of happiness though he cannot verbalize his words, he has been speaking to us and when we are emotionally down in the family, he helps to animate us and cheer our hearts up. Honestly Martin is Jesus and when we welcomed him in our family, we didn't know it. We didn't know that Jesus came to visit us in the person of Martin. For sure the words of Zechariah have been our own. "He has visited his people and redeemed them" Luke 1. 68

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