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The last two Sundays of the month of October were quite ceremonious as the community came together to mark volunteers' days celebrations.
These days are set aside for the community to celebrate the services offered by the volunteers in caring, supporting and empowering vulnerable groups of people in their communities. In addition, volunteers facilitate sharing of resources and promotion of solidarity with the needy people.

During these celebrations, churches come together to plan and preside over the celebrations. This promotes the spirit of ecumenism and brotherhood in communities.

The sharing, reflections and prayers during these days are based on a certain  theme that is discerned by Saint Martin spiritual formation team. This year's theme "Who Loves Me" was drawn from two parables from the gospel of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10) and that of the Merciful Father (Luke 15). Both parables enable believers to discover that we are beloved sons and daughters of God. Indeed God loves us the way we are as His children.

The gospel is presented with the aid of paintings that are prepared by the same team. The presenters blend the written Gospel with the unwritten gospel of our lives, that of our beneficiaries, that of the volunteers and the community at large. The community of Saint Martin is grateful to all the community members who support the vulnerable people in their various communities, the church leaders who welcomed the volunteers and hosted the celebrations in their churches. We acknowledge the indispensable role played by the vulnerable in helping us live the gospel of Christ through their lives.

This year the celebrations took place in all our zones as follows;

ZONE                             VENUE
Muhotetu                        Presbyterian Church (PCEA)
Sipili                              Sipili Catholic Church
Kinamba                        Anglican Church of Kenya
Ol Moran                       St. Mark Catholic Church
Ngano                           Ngano Catholic Church
Muchongoi                     African Inland Church
Igwamiti                         Igwamiti Catholic Church
Nyahururu Town              Maina Catholic Church
Ol Jabet                        St Luke Anglican Church


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