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talitha-kum-home-1Christine came in Talitha Kum when she was in class two, now she is in class eight and she couldn't hide her joy of receiving the community at a place she calls home.





"We are very grateful for your visit, it shows you love us and that keeps us going. Talitha Kum because we are one big community; we love and take care of each other as a family. There are other children in our communities that need the kind of love you have brought to us today and even before, let us not forget about them". Christine said.


On Saturday 22nd September, Talitha Kum Children's 'Home received and welcomed eight more children in a colorful celebration that took place in the Home's grounds. These six beautiful girls and two young gentlemen were brought in by their respective guardians, relatives and community members who participated happily in song and dance. This brings to 73 the total number of children in the home. Though the increment in the number of children would imply need for more resources, the home is encouraged by the theme that is guiding them this year "You are my Providence." The home is confident that God through his people will continue to provide for them.

The celebrations were clowned by Eucharistic celebrations by Fr. Sandro Ferretto where in his homily; he encouraged the new children not to be afraid because they were in safe hands. He also called upon the other children to welcome and accommodate the new members of the family. The beautiful celebration was also graced by the L'Arche community and the entire Saint Martin community. Everyone is happy to welcome the new bundle of joy in our community.


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