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International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 2018

IMG 1278June 26 marks the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking as established in 1987 by the United Nations General Assembly, this day serves as a reminder of the goal agreed to of creating an international society free of drug abuse.

This year’s theme was ‘Listen First - Listening to children and youth is the first step to help them grow healthy and safe’. St. Martin CSA and the Community Programme for Addiction and HIV (CPAHIV) department celebrated this event at Karuga center, Igwamiti Ward, Laikipia with the First Lady Laikipia County HE. Maria Mbeneka, Deputy County Commissioner, officers from across the county, OCPD, NACADA, Recovery Tracks Center, Nyahururu Business Community among other members of the public.IMG 1291

The 2018 anti-drugs campaign targets teenagers, young adults, men and bar owners, a group that is particularly vulnerable to drug abuse and distribution. At this age, peer pressure to try illicit drugs can be strong and self-esteem is often low. Moreover, those who take drugs tend to be either misinformed or insufficiently aware about the health risks involved.

IMG 1500St. Martin’s CPAHIV Department took this opportunity to create awareness and enlighten the people of the various challenges faced by drug users through speeches and testimonials from some of the recovering addicts.


Day of the African Child 2018

“LEAVE NO CHILD FOR AFRICA’S DEVELOPMENT” This was the theme of the celebration of the day of the African Child 2018 that is celebrated every year on 16th June.

This year the day was celebrated at Nyahururu Primary School and brought together children from various schools, charitable children institutions from across Laikipia County.

The community programme for children in Need has a commitment to uplift the status of the child in the community and works with children in schools to empower them on their rights and responsibilities. The programme trains children on leadership and mentors the children governments in the target schools. For this reason the celebrations of the day of the African child is a clear testimony to the community that children have the possibility of managing their issues and contributing positively to the betterment of our institutions. The children participate in the planning and the execution of the programme of the day. 

This year’s guest of honour was Brian Osoro aged 14 years from Mount Angels primary school. He gave a moving speech on the need to include every child in the management and running of our schools, county and the country at large. He called upon parents to also exercise child participation in the families.

The celebration was also graced by senior government officers including Mrs. Maria Mbeneka who is the first lady LaikipiaCounty, Mr. Ezekiel Owamnsa, the County Director of Children Services and Madam F.N. Mworoa the DCC Nyahururu among others. 





St.Martin community welcomed 6 new comunity worker trainees who will remain with us for this new strategic year April 2016 to March 2017. They underwent a one week induction on how our organisation work and on other dynamics. During their traineeship, they will receive on-job training and mentorship where they will be formed to become contemporaly comunity workers with direct experience on work dynamics.

We take this early opportunity to wish them well in their formation and career development.

We celebrate the growth of  St. Martin CSA family!





 For a long time we have had a dream of sharing our day to day life in St. Martin with our family and friends all over the world and in a small way to say thank you: to our beneficiaries, who continue to be our greatest teachers; to our volunteers, who more than us believe in the potential of every one; to our friends who have generously shared their lives with us; to our partners with whom we share the dream of a better world. And this is why the 'Asante' newsletter was conceived.

Asante is the Kiswahili word for 'thank you'. Through 'Asante', we want to say thank you but also to share what we live everyday as a way of staying close to you and to keep our dream alive.





With a Different Mind



 `With a different mind' is an informal but structured network of Community Based Organizations, Civil Society Organizations, Donor Agencies, Academic institutions and Religious institutions working with/for vulnerable people in Kenya. The network's mission is to make known to the world the life changing experiences in encountering the different vulnerable groups of people in society.


The foundation of the network was informed by a conviction that the encounter with vulnerable members of the society brings about a positive transformation in the lives of people involved.

The network aims at scaling up its activities from one on one sharing of experiences to a structured entity that could from time to time provide wider forums of exchange.

The rich experiences of each organization, informs the emergence of a unique and practical approach that gives dignity to vulnerability. The network therefore seeks to demonstrate a shift in perception hence the name; With a different Mind.

The network addresses different social issues and has settled on disability for the year 2014 hence the theme; "Persons with disabilities, a gift to humanity


The network envisions; a society where its vulnerable members are not seen as a problem but as a resource that unravels the enormous community potential to participate and benefit from the encounter bringing about integral human development for all.


The mission of the network; is to provide a platform where organizations can share their experiences of working with vulnerable groups of people with special emphasis on unique approaches and life changing encounters.


The network will stimulate a debate, identify new approaches while promoting replication and scaling up of already demonstrated successful interventions

Enhance partnerships and synergies among stakeholders in the field of development

A platform on which implementing organizations through their experience informs academia

A platform on which the academia supports implementing organizations with professional insights

Network members:

CISP, APDK, Bethany Kids, L' Arche Kenya, Kenyatta University, Star Disability Training Center, St. Martin CSA, World Friends, SEP, The Action Foundation, FAI, Fondazione Fontana and Liliane Foundation.


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