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That your joy may be complete

Simon a brought a message of hope to each an every one of us. To persons with physical disabilities and those without. She reminded us of the human desire to be happy and that happiness can only be found within. "No one can make you happy. You are the only one who can make yourself happy. Trust in yourself because you can. You are precious, you are beautiful"

Simona seemed to emphasize the message of hope and one of the strong convictions of Saint Martin CSA that everybody is precious. That every person despite their physical conditions, race, ethnic, religious or social-economic status is unique and ha something to offer. In our service with and for the poor, we allow the poor to transform our hearts. The greatest miracle that has ever happened in our apostolate is the realization that the poor are not a problem to be solved but a resource. They are a gift, a very precious gift who have the capacity to change our hearts and make us grow in love and generosity. We thank Simona for being part of this conviction and for helping invite other people into this conviction. We are grateful that her stay with us has touched us in a very special way and transformed us into new beings. A member of Saint Martin community says this of Simon's impact.

"She has done something beautiful to me and hopefully to each one of us. As an organization we focus so much on capacity building and we do a lot of trainings. However Simona has been able to make a big impact than all these trainings combined especially on changing people's attitude towards life."


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