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Ol Kalau disabled children’s home

In another event Simona met children from a home for the physically disabled children and children from regular schools together with their parents, teachers and people from the community around this home. She had a moment to interact and celebrate life with them. The most striking part of this celebration was seeing children with disability perform on the same platform with Simona. They were able to deepen the understanding of their school motto which is Disability is not inability. These children were challenged to use their potential and to trust in themselves. The children were most interested in knowing how Simona's parents reacted on seeing that she was born without her fore limbs. The faces of these little ones clearly expressed the trauma that a lot of them underwent after their parents rejected them because they were born with disabilities. This was a great moment for us to reflect and thank God for the people whose love, self-giving and material support have enabled such children to experience love. We thank God for the people who offer their time, resources and expertise in journeying with these children touching their fragile hearts and reminding them that they are wonderful and lovable.

Ol Kalau

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