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Community Mobilization Department

Community Mobilization

The Community Mobilization Department was started in April 2005 to enhance community participation in the identification and support of the beneficiaries of St. Martin CSA. However the concept of community involvement and participation dates back to the year 1997 when St. Martin CSA was founded. The department works in collaboration with the other programmes and department of St. Martin CSA.

The goal of the department is

Increased solidarity among community members leading to increased participation in addressing the needs of the vulnerable groups of people”.

The department’s work is organized in three components i.e.

  • Community mobilization component

  • Community volunteers’ component

  • St. Martin Approach component

The department supports all the St. Martin programmes in their existing resource mobilization initiatives. It is also charged with the role of overseeing the implementation of St. Martin approach as well as the policies that touch on recruitment and motivation of community volunteers.


2015 Volunteer's Day Celebrations

The 2nd and the fourth Sunday   of the month of October 2015  were quite ceremonious as the community came together to mark volunteers' days celebrations.
The community came together to celebrate the services offered by the volunteers in caring, supporting and empowering vulnerable groups of people in their communities.

During these celebrations, churches came together to plan and preside over the celebrations. This promotes the spirit of ecumenism and brotherhood in communities.

The sharing, reflections and prayers during these days were based on a certain  theme that is discerned by Saint Martin spiritual formation team. This year's theme " Come Follow me" was drawn from the gospel of the rich young man  (Mark 10, 17-22) . The gospel called us to follow Jesus in caring for the poor and the vulnerable in their fragilities and in having a communion with them with all our gifts and talents. 

The gospel was presented with the aid of paintings that were prepared by the same team. The presenters blend the written Gospel with the unwritten gospel of their lives, that of our beneficiaries, that of the volunteers and the community at large. 

The community of Saint Martin is grateful to all the community members who support the vulnerable people in their various communities, the church leaders who welcomed the volunteers and hosted the celebrations in their churches. We acknowledge the indispensable role played by the vulnerable in helping us live the gospel of Christ through their lives.

This year the celebrations took place in all 11 zones


  Community members following the sharing of the gospel


Sister of Ol Moran together with volunteers cutting a cake 

 Volunteers using a prayer to renew their comittment for the coming year 

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