Biblical Basis

The Spirit of St. Martin
Many individuals and organisations have a philosophy, a set of believes and thoughts that gives direction to their behaviour and activities. St. Martin-CSA has a biblical basis. It derives its inspiration from the bible and from the example Jesus set during his life. This philosophy of work, believes and thoughts, is also called the ‘spirit of St. Martin’. It is an integral part of the work of the organisation. In fact, it can be considered a central and important aspect which cannot be ignored or removed.It is from this spirit that people get the motivation and drive to work. The work in St. Martin-CSA asks a lot from staff and volunteers in terms of patience and perseverance. It is the ‘spirit of St. Martin’ that guides us and gives the energy to continue. Therefore, we consider the Tuesday morning sharing and our spiritual retreats to be part of the most important moments in our work.
The vision, mission and approach described find their roots in the bible. This short biblical basis summarizes what is inspiring the organisation .


Ecumenical character
St. Martin-CSA has an ecumenical character. People of different church background feel inspired by the same spirit, by the example that Jesus gave during his life. They have found out that despite their denominational differences, they share the same dream and can work harmoniously together in trying to build a different society; a society in which vulnerable people are given a central position and in which strong and weak can meet and learn from each other. The ecumenical character of St. Martin-CSA has become an enriching experience to many of us.

The St. Martin spirit can be classified into the following 3 major elements.