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Core values

  1. We consider the Gospel of Service as the drive and inspiration in our work. Spiritual formation is therefore integral part of whatever we do, emphasizing on a close connection between faith and life.

  1. We recognise that the gospel of service has already transformed people in different churches and communities. Poor people call us to be together and ask us to focus on what unite us. We therefore foster an ecumenical approach.

  1. We believe that each person and each community has talents and resources, which can be shared for the good of all. The promotion of solidarity and sharing with the needy among the ‘able’ people forms the starting point of our work.

  1. We believe that the poor and vulnerable are a gift to each one of us. We consider them a resource for a community and not a problem. In our experience, sharing with the poor and the vulnerable generates love and happiness.

  1. We value the strengths and weaknesses of each person and believe that the

the strong” and “the weak” need each other just as “the poor” and “the able” need each other.

  1. We promote voluntary service since we believe that we have freely received our talents, resources and gifts for the benefit of those in need.

  1. We highly value community: therefore all our undertakings are done only through community. The involvement of other people, institutions and stakeholders in our work and decision-making is therefore important.

  1. We believe that each of us is called to help one another in our transformation process, as we have been helped ourselves to start working for love and solidarity.

  1. We believe that our motivation and drive needs to be combined with professionalism in all areas of our work and put high value on empowerment and capacity building of all people.

  1. We believe in and promote honesty, transparency, integrity and accountability in all our undertakings and commit ourselves towards effective and efficient utilization of resources meant for the poor and vulnerable.

  1. We value simplicity in the modes of our lifestyles for we believe we are called to live a life close to the people we serve.

  1. We believe that we need to be witnesses; in our personal lives of the values we promote among others and commit ourselves to a continuous process of personal growth towards the same.

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