deinstitutionalisationThe Community Programme for Children in Need has released a new animation that explains why children are safer at home than in an institution (children's home). With gratitude to our partner Kindernothilfe E.V.

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stvishastamii erpThe COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many lives - and the vulnerable groups in our communities are hit particularly. When shops have to close and travel activities are reduced many small jobs and casual labour are not available anymore. Without this small source of income, many families don't know how to get food. Therefore, St. Martin CSA in collaboration with the Laikipia County Government, L'Arche Kenya and Talitha Kum has initiated an Emergency Response Project to alleviate the needs of the most vulnerable families.

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The coronavirus pandemic affects also the work of St. Martin CSA. With the lockdown and social distancing, many of our usual activities had to be halted or re-organised. And at the same time, new needs appear in the communities that need to be addressed. Simon Maina, coordinator of the Community Programme for Children in Need, explains how his team is dealing with the situation.

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Easter is a time to give. It’s a time when we receive many visitors in our rescue and rehabilitation centres. Unfortunately this year you will not be able to visit your beloved boys and girls due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, you can still support them through prayers, sending them a message of goodwill or even making a financial contribution through MPESA. The paybill number is 921023.

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The beneficiaries of St. Martin CSA belong for the most part to the high-risk group regarding the new coronavirus. Therefore and in accordance with the measures taken by the Kenyan government, we have taken a series of steps to ensure the safety of our beneficiaries and our staff with the aim of still being able to serve the community.